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The eBay Listing

LSB 2072 is a 1965 Lotus Super Seven that was listed on eBay in June of 2011. Although I've never owned one, and am certainly not an expert, I have had a passing acquaintance with Sevens. I worked with Dave Kaplan while we were both working at Autodynamics and built the turbo-crossflow Elan that was one of the inspirations for the DSK turbo Seven power plant.

I'm also familiar with Lotuses, having owned and restored a Series 1 Elite, an Eleven, and a gaggle of Elans. I still own the '87 Turbo Esprit that I bought new.

Ebay ad

This was the eBay listing.

The seller provided numerous photos and what appeared to be a reasonably conservative and accurate description.

The seller was very helpful, sending additional photos and conversing at length about the car.

In some ways, he under-represented the car, which was nice to find as I sorted through the collection of components.




He had bought the car almost ten years earlier in essentially the same condition that he was now selling it.

There was a new frame and skin, complete drive train, and most all of the components required to build a complete car. Many of the parts were new. The only major components that were obviously missing were the seats and tires.

Just how many of the parts were original and/or correct remained to be seen.


ID plate

This was the photo that convinced me that I wanted this car.

...Polished rocker arms!

Only two kinds of people polish their rocker arms:

1. Obsessive-compulsive racer-types that live in the northeastern U.S. and have nothing better to do during the interminable winters, or

2. twenty-five-cent-an-hour apprentices in England during the 50s and 60s.

This just might be a genuine Cosworth engine.


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