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The crate required a truck so large that they couldn't get into my driveway. Therefore, I had to pick it up at the local freight depot, which is completely deserted unless a truck is actually loading or unloading. This meant waiting outside the terminal for several hours until the next truck arrived along with someone that could open the building and operate a forklift.


This was one big crate.

Problems with moving the crate surfaced immediately. The loading dock was far higher than my trailer, and the forklift could not be brought outside the building. Fortunately, the forklift operator was both intrepid and skilled. He fastened a strap around the crate, moved the forklift into position, and hooked the tangs through the strap. Seeing the crate dangling over the edge of the loading dock was both a nerve wracking and impressive sight.

It was amazing that the entire rig didn't topple off the edge of the dock.

I tipped him some serious beer money in appreciation.

Knowing that I was probably going to have to use the winch to pull the crate into my trailer, I had constructed a dolly using super-heavy-duty casters.

They were crushed by the weight of the crate.


It was evident that pulling the crate out of the trailer was not an option.

We went about disassembling it in inside.

We were amazed by the packing job; multi-level compartments with access ports and trap doors. There were even disassembly instructions written in critical areas on the crate as well as caches of drive bits to match the fasteners.


With the crate emptied of all but the frame, skin, engine, and transmission, we were finally able to pull it out of the trailer.

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