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The engine was a nice surprise. The seller had stated only that it turned. In fact, he could have listed it as zero miles on a total rebuild. The down side was that it had been stored for 10+ years since being rebuilt and, despite the ports being taped, there was surface rust on many interior surfaces.

I tore it down and cleaned everything. All it needed were new gaskets and seals. The bearings, rings, etc. were new. Even though the crank journals showed signs of wear, they were within spec.

The cylinder head was ported and polished along with the combustion chambers and rocker arms.

The overall condition of the engine suggested that it might have been an off-season rebuild of a low-time racing engine. The crankshaft center main showed the asymmetric wear typical of an engine run at high RPM's.

The cam was a new Crane regrind with 282° duration and 70° overlap.

Engine Specs:
- Bore: 3.241" (+.060")
- Stroke: 2.863"
- Displacement: 1548cc
- Compression Ratio: 9.41:1

The block -- 2731-6015. Not the original, but a correct replacement.

Crankshaft -- some surface rust but otherwise OK.

No cracks.

Early Kent cranks break most often between the rear main and the number 4 rod journal.

Almost buttoned up.

Six Cosworth rod bolts and two ARP. A destroyed rod might explain the new block.

Having dumped the contents of my cooling system on a race track once, my freeze plugs now stay put.

The cylinder head was ported and polished as were the combustion chambers.

Ready for springs and valves. It already had a nice 3-angle valve job.

I lapped the valves and reassembled it..

Note the odd angles of the carburetors.

I think the intake manifolds were "machined" by a twelve-year-old with a hand drill.

Getting things lined up.

This is what it took to put the holes back where they belong. Not pretty but effective, and now the studs will be perpendicular to the mating face.

The Transmission

The transmission is a 2821E "Semi-Close ratio" transmission as fitted to the Series 3 twin-cam and Series 4 Sevens.

The yellow paint on the laygear are left over from when I was counting teeth.

The ratios are: 2.967:1, 2.008:1, 1.397:1 and 1:1

It was in fine shape. I replaced the bearings, seals, and gaskets and bolted it back together.

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