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Below are photos of the frame and skin.

Although I don't know who manufactured the frame, it's well built and its dimensions conform in almost all respects to the original Series 2, based on the drawings done by Pat Prince. There are some subtle and not so subtle differences such as the cross bracing in the front bulkheads.

At first inspection, I assumed the frame was nickel-bronze welded. However, now that I've gotten into it more deeply, I've determined that it was TIG welded.

If any kind reader recognizes the frame and can provide information as to who built it, please let me know.

Does the cross-bracing in the front bulkhead preclude the use of a fan?


The protective film coating on the transmission cover has been there so long that I fear it may now be a permanent part of the car*.

Ditto for the cover over the rear of the drive shaft tunnel.

I had to drop the cross-brace 1" to clear the transmission.


The steering rack mounting surface had been one piece but interfered with the radiator inlet.

* The protective film has resisted lacquer thinner, enamel reducer, acetone, paint remover (several types), ammonia, brake fluid (which seems to eat virtually everything else), toluene, urethane reducer, alcohol, carburetor cleaner, brake cleaner, hydro-seal, goo-gone, lifting with duct tape, razor blade scrapers, oven cleaners, wire brushes, and 3-M abrasive pads. All this with and without heat.

(May, 29 2012: the protective covering is now off. I used Klean-Strip KS-3 Premium paint remover followed by a 2700 psi pressure washer.)

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