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12/16/11 - Corrected some of the gauge and other information - with thanks to John Watson.

Bonnet. New. It is also too short.

Nose. It isn't new, but it's in quite nice shape.

Spare set of Wingard 1055 stop/tail lights with rubber mounting plinths.

Not correct for my serial number, but they only miss by a month..

Boot cover - used but in decent shape.

Oil Pressure gauge -- damaged face. It looks like someone repainted the needle, got paint on the face, then tried to wipe it off. It might be salvageable.

Ammeter and one of the switches.

The small gauges are not correct for the Series 2, but at least they are made by AC.

Tachometer -- positive ground - correctl.

Speedometer. It's correct and exremely rare, but obviously needs work.

New wiring loom. Nice touch.

Switches and fuse block.

According to the Lucas parts list published on the Lotus Seven Register site, the starter switch and fan switch are correct for the Series 2.

Except for the ignition switch which is new, the others have appropriate date codes, but the part numbers are wrong.

Lucas part no. DR3A 75452D.

The correct series 2 part has an 'A' suffix. It does have a 1966 date code, however, so I think it's close enough.

The voltage regulator is correct. RB 106/2 37290F

The swirl pot did not come off of any of Colin Chapman's creations. It's stainless and weighs over two pounds.

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