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Dec. 3, 2011

The speedometer gearbox was missing and replacements are difficult (impossible?) to find.

So, I modified an E-Type Jag gearbox to fit the Ford transmission.

The square drive is a press fit in the Smiths drive gear, so it is relatively easy to press out and replace.

The new piece is longer and smaller across the flats.

(The two pieces in the upper left are Jaguar.)

Because Lotus speedometer angle drives are scarce, and the input shaft is fragile, some internet posters on an Elan site have replaced the drive with solid steel and reportedly had no problems.

Dec. 14, 2011

The engine and transmission are now bolted in place.

I hope this wasn't a mistake. Bolting things in usually increases the probability that one will have to take them back out for some reason.

Note the tight clearances around the bell housing and clutch release lever.

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