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February 5, 2012

This is a new problem. The tachometer doesn't fit.

Checking the dimensions against the Pat Prince drawings, the lower horizontal tube is the right height, but the upper (curved) tube is 1/2" too low.

Here's some progress: New master cylinders and 303 Stainless clevises.

The heater is back together.

It will probably be a while before I get up the nerve to cut the holes in the shelf.

A new swirl pot from Alan Wesson at XtraSpecialSevens

(No, I didn't cut the holes - the heater's just sitting there.)

I've saved just about every "Lotus Seven engine compartment'" image I've come across on the internet, and every one seems to have a different throttle linkage setup.

Even the three Series two engine compartment photos on the Lotus Seven Register pages show three different setups.

I believe this to be a good approximation of the configuration shown in the Cosworth "dry sump" photo on the Lotus Seven Register site.

Who would have guessed that the S.U.Carburettor company still exists and that they still sell the classic brass levers and throttle return springs?

The fuel lines are -6 Aeroquip with stainless ferrules from McMaster-Carr. (McMaster's also sells the crimping tool.)

Aeroquip security without the red and blue anodizing.

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