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March 25, 2012

The steering center support came from McMasters.

The sliding clamp was located where I thought it would have something solid to run into, short of running into me.

This was a trial fit of the wings and nose. I used the original front wings instead of the new ones. The originals are heavier, but have a nicer radius on the edges.

All the fiberglass parts are now at the body shop being sprayed BRG.

Attempting to decipher the wiring harness that came with the car

This is for a Seven with the generator on the right.

It is also wired for Right-Spot / Left-Fog lighting, and no turn signals.

I've decided to "roll my own" using donor Lucas wiring harnesses for materials rather than cobble up this one. (Does anyone want it?)

The engine has oil pressure. 40 psi at cranking speed. That's not bad.

I expect that the Bumble Bee wire and Champion connectors will add at least 30 Hp.

I raised the upper tube 1/2", so now the tach and speedometer fit.

This was a first stab at laying out the instruments and switches.

My spacing on the switches was off.

I'll do it over.

I'm still trying to find something that will remove the protective film from some of the parts.

This paint remover sat for over 24 hours without any discernable effect.

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