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September 25, 2012

This is the modified schematic.

The intention was to create a Seven electrical system that would have been standard had they realized that more than two fuses was a good idea.

Most double-E's out there can appreciate how difficult it is to find a 50's-vintage schematic capture system, but I managed.

An MGB harness of about the same vintage has lots of the right color wires in it.

This is how it starts.

laying the wires in place with masking tape.

The black electrical tape will stay inside the harness when it's done.

The finished engine compartment harness.

The engine harness in place.

The rear harness.

The mounting threads on the turn signal switch were stripped, and these switches are quite pricey.

The solution was to drill and tap holes for two 8-32 FH screws

They were located so the nut would cover them.

Surgery on the instrument panel:

Flaps were cut and held out of the way with masking tape while the holes were drilled and countersunk.

With the flaps glued down and the nut in place, it's not possible to see the screws.

And the switch is more solidly mounted than ever.

The finished wiring.

12 Fuses and a 100A circuit breaker.

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