Vintage Racing

I run with two clubs; VSCCA and VRG

1956 Lotus XI


This was, I'm sure, the best "Barn find" ever.
I bought this Lotus XI LeMans in 1974 for $500.00 (It looked like this).



This was one of the Eleven's more interesting moments. After
missing the finish line, the TDF left a tiny bit of red paint on the
right-rear corner of the Lotus while in the process of creating
a spot of excitement in the Equinox parking lot. The only injury
was a cracked rib when a Nun, who was in the process of
putting her suitcase in the Mercury, fainted. (Click the image
for more photos).

If I'd had a crystal ball, I'd still own the XI. However, Dudley
Cunningham put it to very good use for several years.


1966 Jaguar E-Type Coupe

Photo by Suzy Fraser

A photo gallery of the coupe restoration (Page still under construction)