Fraser Manufacturing Company

The Shifter Switch

An aftermarket electro-mechanical device intended to make Motocross bikes faster. It did this by coupling the ignition to the transmission, allowing clutchless shifting, while still holding the throttle wide open.

But we didn't call it 'motocross' back then. We called it 'scrambling'. That was in the '60s before Husqvarna sent Torsten Hallman to this side of the pond to show us how the Europeans did it. He made us all look kind of silly. So we redesigned our tracks, learned to ride differently, and started calling it motocross.

This was FMC's first Brochure
The not-quite-world-famous FMC Decal
An Ad from Cycle Sport Magazine (I swapped photogaphic services for Ad space)
Cycle World liked it.

This is what they had to say in their Feb. 1972 Article

U.S.Pat. No. 3,481,223