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Parts - 1

There were a lot of parts in this crate, we photographed them as we unpacked.

This was done partly for documentation, but also in the hopes of soliciting assistance from the Lotus Seven community as I try to put this car back in as correct a condition as possible.

New top - Canvas.

Side Curtains - new.

The top (hood) bows are OK, but the straps are only suitable to use as patterns for new ones.

Windscreen - complete with a BFG tire sticker. It needs a good polishing, new 'lift-the-dot' studs, and a sealing strip but nice otherwise

9" rear wings with Wingard 1055 lamps and Lucas L539 side lamps.

11-1/2" wings, which weigh less than half as much as the smaller ones.

Muffler. Lotus? Not likely. It is stainless however.  

Headers -- they look pretty but contain some surprisingly shoddy fabrication and welding.

Wheels -- Brand Lotus 4-1/2" x 13". Optional equipment on the Series IV.

They have been bead-blasted and will need to be painted or perhaps powder coated.  

I still need lug nuts.

Front Wings - two sets.

The originals weigh about double what the new ones do, but the look of the originals is superior. The thicker, radiused edges have a higher quality feel to them.


A heater - It also includes the aluminum ducting pieces for the outlets.

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