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June 1, 2012

I found this photo of an instrument panel on the web. I used Photoshop to scale it to the actual panel width, then added the dimensions, referenced to the vertical centerline and the lower line of rivets.

However, after I began laying out the actual panel, I realized that the center of the tach is a better reference point given that the vertical positioning is snug, and it should be centered on the steering column.

Additionally, the vertical dimensions are off due to the relative forward angle of the panel. I did keep records as I made the panel and could post the corrected version at some point if anyone is interested.

Photo Source:

But is it accurate? Roll over the image to superimpose KAR 120C's instrument panel*.

*From Jeremy Coulter's Lotus Seven book.

This is the final layout.

It seems odd that the 2" gauges on either side of the tach aren't equally spaced, and the ammeter is jammed up against the speedometer, but so be it.

Spraying the adhesive.

Working by yourself, it's a good idea to stretch the vinyl out on the work top with push pins, and then lay the panel down on it. (rather than the other way round.)

Almost there.

I still don't have a correct set of gauges, and I want to include a fuel gauge - so the layout is still tentative.

This might take a while - I missed a correct oil pressure gauge recently on that ultimately sold for £255.00 ($400.00 USD)

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