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Parts - 2

Knockoffs - made in China. They will do until I can find correct ones.

Bits - Fender braces, breather, license plate lamp, and spacers for the transmission mount.

The distributor is a non-vacuum advance unit, and is marked 23D4 40953A -> 1066. The tag says "use solid core wire only."

I'm not sure where this master cylinder came from, but there were also two correct 5/8" Girling master cylinders.

Fuel tank. Check out the brass tag.

This is the early (small) tank and the frame is set up for the large, wide one. I may put in a fuel cell.

Radiator - looks to be in good shape.

Wing lamps. These look like they have been around the world a few times.

Steering rack. It's correct, but it wasn't in a Seven before - there are no limit stops.

Handbrake and accelerator pedal.

Sundry bits. The 2-into-1 exhaust is old, British, and definitely not from a Lotus.

After shortening it at both ends, it fits.

Brake calipers and original front hubs.

There are also alloy hubs that have the same bolt circle as the Ford rear axle and match the Lotus wheels.

All four shocks and springs are new. Adjustable Spax.

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