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May 29, 2012

I had a spot of bother with leakage at the water outlet.

It was a warped flange, but is now flat and no longer leaks.

The fuel tank is in excellent condition, however I don't think I'll use it.

My frame has the mounts for the later (wider) tank, and I like the idea of greater capacity.

I'm looking at the Axminster tanks.

The fiberglass is back from the painter.

At the risk of causing Colin to spin in his grave; the color came from a Mack truck.

The switches are now grouped closer to the left, but he layout still isn't correct.

The Seven got shunted off to the side for a couple of weeks while I prepped the Jag for an outing.

They're cousins, so I'm sure it didn't mind.

The parking brake works.

Note the odd location of the ratchet plate anchor hole.

This is likely the result of the frame cross tube not being at the rear edge of the shelf like most Series 2's.

The wheels are back from the powder coater.

These were done by B&K Industrial Finishing in Merrimac NH.

The wheel mounting holes were in rough shape.

I centered the wheel using the bead sealing surface rather than the center bore,

then bored the holes to fit an oversize lug nut.

I have no idea how I survived so many years without digital readouts with the built-in capacity to lay out bolt circles.

The lug nuts are Gorilla Automotive 73177SM

These have a 0.685" dia. shoulder, which is enough larger than the originals to clean up all the out-of-round holes in my wheels.

The rear wings are hanging by a couple of bolts, but the drive train is in, the engine runs and it has working brakes.

Some people might be amused by the reference material in the top left.

The big news is that I got the remaining plastic protective sheet off the aluminum.

It took Klean-Strip KS-3 Premium paint remover followed by a 2700 psi pressure washer.

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